Tech Talk: Migrating 1.5k Repos to GitHub — Mistakes, Tools, and Lessons Learned

Kyler Middleton
18 min readOct 31, 2023

I gave this talk October 16, 2023, at CloudSecNext 2023. The powerpoint deck (with all links to tools) is here.


The text for the talk follows here:


Hey all!

My name is Kyler Middleton, and I’m here at CloudSecNext for the second time! Thanks to SANS for thinking I did well enough at this year to invite me back!

Consulting Project Types

I used to do consulting work, and I noticed that I was asked to help on projects of two varieties. The projects were all different scopes and verticals — it wasn’t the technology stack that caused folks to require outside help — it was the people.

For the good projects, folks were self-aware that they didn’t have the technological skills to do the project, and they wanted someone there to help them get stuff done.

The other kind of project was the difficult path — these types of places had a…



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